Deno Module Visualizer


18 May 2024: Upgraded service to Deno 1.43, improving support for `jsr:*` and `node:*` imports.

15 March 2023: Upgraded service to Deno 1.31. Updated homepage examples.

Older releases

12 Febuary 2023: Upgraded service to Deno 1.30.

11 July 2022: Upgraded service to Deno 1.23. Added changelog.

25 January 2022: Capped the maximum zoom level to make small graphs less silly in full-screen.

8 December 2021: Upgraded service to Deno 1.16 to improve graph edges during redirection.

4 September 2021: Set up browser caching for static assets. Fixed a CSS serving regression.

28 August 2021: Upgraded service to Deno 1.13. Introduced a CSS serving regression.

Dependency Graph

Understands the concept of packages & repositories to show a very simplified import graph.

All files within one package get collapsed into a single box and imports jumping between packages are emphasized.

A number of popular registries will be recognized directly. A full list of known registries can be found in the Registry Color Key.

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